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We are working on our next community outreach event.  Check back soon!

Specialty Programs

Our Dry Needling Program may be the answer for you! For more information on this cutting-edge rehabilitation technique, call the clinic today! 

Past Events

The Wicked 

Such a fun event. Sushine and ocean air are the best.

CHKD Run for the Kids

Congrats, Team Best Life Physical Therapy on the Run for the Kids to support CHKD.  What a wonderful morning spent supporting a great cause.  Thank you to all who participated!

We love to support students.  Check out this great group of girls who came in to observe.

High schoolers interested in learning more about physical therapy.

Running Tips

Shoulder Squeezes


Pinching your shoulder blades together (gently) while running can promote good posture and prevent neck pain.  Don't let your shoulders round while running, which can put stress on your neck and upper back.

Core Training


In order to prevent injuries and protect your back and joints while running, you should incorporate core training into your weekly workouts.  Training your transverse abdominals is essential, as they provide support for your body during runs.  To activate your transverse abdominals, try the "in and up" move with your belly button, pulling in and up with your stomach muscles.  Run happy and pain free!

Running Shoes


Choosing the correct running shoe can prevent injuries throughout the body.  The foot is the bottom of the "kinetic chain." If your foot isn't supported properly, faulty mechanics during running can translate up the kinetic chain to your knee, hip, back, even your neck.  Your area of greatest vulnerability will likely be affected.  However, not everyone needs an ultra-supportive shoe.  


Weekday 5Ks

Beginning again soon...


Looking for a fun way to get in your run? Join Best Life Physical Therapy's weekly Running Group.


Day of the week is TBD, but start time will be 5:30pm.  We will stretch, head out for a 5K run, and then meet back at the clinic for some social time (beer included!).
A licensed Physical Therapist will be available to answer your running questions free of charge.
This is a great way to stay motivated and meet others who share a love for fitness. This event is free of charge and open to everyone (all levels of runners are encouraged to come out). See you there!

Are you training for a race? We want to help you succeed!

Free Runner's Assessment by appointment:


·         Improve your Performance

·         Address Nagging Pain

·         Get Solutions to Meet Your Needs



Footwear Recommendations/Stretching & Strengthening Ideas


Call to schedule today, while appointments are still available!

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Check out this blog. Where to go to physical therapy is your choice, find out how to make the right one because all physical therapy isn't created equal.

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