Dedicated to helping you live your Best Life.
Dedicated to helping you live your Best Life.

Upcoming Community Events:

Seth Feroce Meet and Greet Sun 12 PM EST · Virginia Beach Nutrition Corner · Virginia Beach, VA

Join us at the Seth Feroce Meet and Greet this Sunday, Dec 3, at the Nutrition Corner in Virginia Beach from 12-3pm. Find the Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine table to learn more about our services and/or sign up for a free fitness evaluation! #LiveYourBestLife#VirginiaBeach #PhysicalTherapy @bestlifeptvb

Specialty Programs

Our Dry Needling Program may be the answer for you! For more information on this cutting-edge rehabilitation technique, call the clinic today! 

We love to support students.  Check out this great group of girls who came in to observe.

High schoolers interested in learning more about physical therapy.

Running Tips

Shoulder Squeezes


Pinching your shoulder blades together (gently) while running can promote good posture and prevent neck pain.  Don't let your shoulders round while running, which can put stress on your neck and upper back.

Core Training


In order to prevent injuries and protect your back and joints while running, you should incorporate core training into your weekly workouts.  Training your transverse abdominals is essential, as they provide support for your body during runs.  To activate your transverse abdominals, try the "in and up" move with your belly button, pulling in and up with your stomach muscles.  Run happy and pain free!

Running Shoes


Choosing the correct running shoe can prevent injuries throughout the body.  The foot is the bottom of the "kinetic chain." If your foot isn't supported properly, faulty mechanics during running can translate up the kinetic chain to your knee, hip, back, even your neck.  Your area of greatest vulnerability will likely be affected.  However, not everyone needs an ultra-supportive shoe.  

Are you training for a race? We want to help you succeed!

Free Runner's Assessment by appointment:


·         Improve your Performance

·         Address Nagging Pain

·         Get Solutions to Meet Your Needs



Footwear Recommendations/Stretching & Strengthening Ideas


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Direct Access

You can receive physical therapy at Best Life Physical Therapy without a doctor's prescription (and we can still bill through insurance).  This saves both time and money. Schedule an appointment today.

News and Programs

At Best Life Physical Therapy, we are plugged into latest in physical therapy news and techiniques.  You can trust that the latest reasearch and cutting-edge techniques are being encorporated into your treatment plan.  We also offer specialized programs to meet your needs.  


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