Your Recovery is our Priority at Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center is the clear choice when pain prevents you from enjoying your active lifestyle. When you choose Best Life Physical Therapy, you can expect the highest quality of care. 


The care we provide sets us apart.


1. Care is individualized to meet your changing needs at every visit.

2. Treatment plans are designed to meet your unique goals.

3. Specialized manual therapy skills often provide significant pain relief in the first visit or two; particularly if you have neck, back, or shoulder pain.

4. We treat virtually any type of musculoskeletal pain with great outcomes.

5. Specialized programs include Cutting Edge Rehabilitation of the Athlete, Pre/Post-Natal Rehab, TMJ Treatment, Vertigo Diagnosis and Treatment, Neck and Spine Rehab.  

6. Our expertise makes our care more efficient than our competitors, getting you back to your life more quickly.


We look forward to getting to know you personally.  Let us help you live your Best Life.

About Our Practice

We are experts in the field of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.  Conveniently located off of Kings Grant Road, we are your neighborhood Physical Therapist.

You're in Good Hands

Each patient is given individualized care to meet his/her needs.  Our comprehensive evaluation process is designed to pinpoint the cause of your pain, so that we can treat it and get you on with your life!

Trust the Experts

Our knowledge is your key to success. Let us help you through everything from core and stabilization training to mobilzation of tight joints.  Our extensive training in musculoskeletal injuries could help you get back to the activities you enjoy.

Message From The Owner

Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is the right choice for you.  Our expert care is second to none and will get you back to living your "Best Life" more quickly than the competitors.  I truly believe that the physical therapy we provide stands above the other options in the area.  If you are experiencing pain, don't wait.  Get back to living your "Best Life" by scheduling an appointment today!


All the best,


Gina Meyer